Saturday, January 23, 2010

This blog is about the sri sairam engg college in tambaram,chennai. I'm mainly going to complain about the college (and about crap and bullshit happening in the college).

Someone else has written a blog about the shirdi sai engg college in bangalore (which is under the same group of institutions). You can read his blog ( to get a taste of what my college is like.

I'm in the cse dept by the way.

1. 4th year CSE students have 5 days of college per week while all 4th year students of other branches have only 2 days per week. The 2 days are for subject classes and the remaining 3 weekdays are holidays meant for project work. what the f*ck ? How are we supposed to do a final year project when we have 5 days of college per week - and with 2 members per team ?

If we ask them how we're supposed to do the project they say do it in college. With the crappy lab facilities? No thanks. I'll write a separate post about the lab.

2. In order to increase the number of projects we are only allowed to have 2 people per project team .

3. We aren't allowed to choose our own electives. This stands for almost all colleges in tamil nadu (and probably even the whole of india) .

For example last sem there were 3 electives and the dept (or college) chose cns(cryptography & network security) , rts (real time systems) and tqm (total quality management).

Now why the hell would i want to learn tqm ? I came to do BE-CSE not MBA. If i wanted to learn management I would do an MBA. I would have chosen some much better subjects like advanced operating systems and advanced computer architecture instead of rts and tqm. (I like cns by the way. best and most interesting subject last semester)

And this semester also they chose a crappy subject like sqm (software quality management). even the name reeks of boredom and tells you that this subject was made exclusively for the 'IT' industry. Apparently these idiots think we'll jump for joy and fall at their feet because sqm is a 'theory' subject,has no problems and hence is easy to score marks in. Unfortunately many students think likewise too.

With this sort of crappy situation happening in many colleges people wonder why so called 'brain drain' occurs.

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